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FREE Pink Princess Colouring In Page
FREE Pink Princess Colouring In Page

FREE Pink Princess Colouring In Page

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Philodendron Pink Princess Colouring In Page

Isolation can be boring, it can be productive, it can be depressing, it can be creative.
Isolation can be whatever you make it, so why not take 5 from your busy.....or not so busy day and do some colouring in.
Available to Print or download and import onto Procreate for colouring.
Colour it any way you want, Colour it as a Pink Princess that we all know and love or Colour it as a unicorn sparkle Pink Princess
Whatever floats your isolation boat.
Take a pic and share
Tag @eileenslove so I can see your beautiful creations!

Download using the link after "free purchase" or via the email link and save to your computer and Print out

To use on Procreate save the file to Photos - Open procreate and in the top right corner click photo, select the image - Its A PNG file so you can remove or change the colour of the background and use layers to colour under the lines. Simply add a NEW layer and drag it under the image layer and colour in.

*Eileen's Love name must NOT be removed and must remain visible over colouring. Design remains the ownership of Eileen's Love. Colouring is permitted. Sharing photos of finished colouring is permitted online as long as @eileenslove is tagged. Line art must not be changed, repurposed or redistributed.*